Perspective Time Series Chart - Start/End Time Binding

In Perspective, on the Time Series Chart, I have a series tied into a historical tag history, with the start and end range coming from 2 DateTime Input components. It works properly when I change the DateTime values, but when I zoom with the scroll wheel, or pan with the mouse on the chart, it doesn’t update the time range, and shows gaps to the left and right of the original range. I wanted to bind the start/end times of the Time Series Chart to the DateTime Inputs, so that it would update, but I didn’t see any properties to get at the start and end times that show up at the bottom of the Time Series Chart. Is there a way to get at those?

Hi @mlatour, you’ve got everything setup correctly. There are two parts to this:

1.) For the 8.0.5 release (and available now in the nightly releases), you will no longer be able to zoom out past the start and end data boundaries of the series data. This is the reason you are seeing white space on either side of the chart right now. You’ll also get an indicator in the top/right corner of the chart letting you know that you are zoomed in (clicking the indicator will zoom you back out to a 1x zoom level).

2.) As you zoom in/out, the data range displayed below the chart is updated with the zoomed start/end values. Those values are not made available as properties right now on that chart. Because of that, there cannot be a two-way data binding to the value property of the DateTimeInput components. The value of those components can only drive the display of the chart.

FYI, I’m using 8.0.5 Nightly downloaded and installed on 9/24 and the zoom indicator is not displaying properly. When I zoom (scroll with mouse wheel) the little box shows up and I can click on it to reset the zoom but the icon is not displayed.

Thanks for letting me know about the icon. There may be a caching issue here that needs diagnosing.

@jball I just wanted to let you know that I was looking at the svg files and the zoom indicator may just be an issue with the icon itself.

I’m going out on a limb here, assuming that the “zoom_to_fit” icon in the ignition.svg file is what is used and I can’t get it to display.
but the other icons in that file do display.
I pulled the icon names from the ignition.svg file

Hey @dkylep, thanks for checking that out; yup, you found the right icon! We did some diagnosing of this, and it looks like it’s a caching issue with Chromium (the embedded browser inside of the Designer). We’ve got a bug opened that just needs to get worked to address the caching issue. As a workaround right now, you can clear your .ignition cache, and you’ll be up and running.