Perspective Time Series Chart trend selection

I have a perspective Time-Series chart displaying several subplots, consisting of trends of related data that we will call Plot A, Plot B & Plot C for example. As per the standard operation of this component, clicking on an individual plot (or it's name in the legend area) will highlight that plot, and mute the other plots on the chart.

My question is this - Is there a way to programmatically detect which plot is highlighted (if any)? This could be by way of a binding, an event or even a property that could be read in some manner. I have played with the component, and read the documentation on it, but am unable to see a way this can be achieved.

My use-case for this functionality would be to provide dynamic information about the selected plot, such as aggregates of the individual line, or aggregates of all the lines if no specific line is selected. This would also include text-based information about the selected line, presented to the user outside of the Time Series Chart component itself.

Gateway is currently version 8.1.23.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


Hello think3,

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we expose any properties regarding if a series is selected or not. The way highlighting seems to work is if the mouse cursor is over a series the highlight style is applied and then the selected style is applied if the mouse actually clicks on the series. You could trying submitting a feature request to get those properties to exposed.

Did this ever get implemented? I'd like to use the chart selection as a way to display a process capability histogram of the underlying data for what the user has selected..