Perspective time series chart "window" marker type?

I have a perspective time-series chart which I’m using as a trend, and it automatically retrieves low and high warning thresholds and puts them on the chart as a marker.

What I’d also like to do is to retrieve my set point and set point tolerance, and show the tolerance window on the chart as a semi-transparent band.

I can add another marker, and dynamically modify the width, but the problem is, the width is in pixels, not scaled to the Y axis. If I could determine the height of the Y axis I could probably calculate it in pixels and make it work, but as far as I know there’s no way to do this.

There’s a dropdown selector for the marker type, but the only available selection is “Line”. Are there any other options available here, like “window”? Or is there another way I could approach this?

See below for what I want to achieve. Here you can see my set point is 25%, and you can see the tolerance band around it. My setpoint tolerance is +/- 5% so the band should extend between 20% and 30%, but instead it extend +/- 5 pixels from the set point.
Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 10.08.29 am

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