Perspective :: Time Series Chart :: Workaround to update series while zoomed In

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to update a time series chart while using the “enablePanZoom” PROPS.

I have a table with selectable devices, in the chart, it’s displaying relative information to the device. I wish to be able to lock the selectable table from selection while zoomed in or just reset the zoom when another device is selected but I can’t find any event related to the zoom to bind my script on.

I know that according to the documentation

The Time Series Chart will not refresh its time range if it is zoomed in. It maintains the zoom while polling. source

which is troublesome.

Is anyone found a workaround for this problem? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Using Perspective V8.0.11

@valotaire.alexis, you can use the Chart Range Selector as a way to drive the display of the Time Series Chart. You’ll need to use the selectedRange.start and selectedRange.end values of the Chart Range Selector to drive whatever query you are using to feed data into the Time Series Chart. By doing that, you’ll be able to reduce/enhance the data displaying on the Time Series Chart without zooming the actual chart in/out.

@jball Thank you for the answer, I’ll try that.

I’m using the Chart Range Selector to move and zoom around the data in the Time Series Chart. Instead of re-querying the chart data (SQL Call) whenever the chart range selector date range changes, is there a way I can simply change the displayed date range of the Time Series Chart, in the same way as scrolling the mouse wheel? All the data is already in the chart and I just want to display a sub-set of it.

Currently, we don’t expose a way to adjust the level/position of zoom via component properties on the Time Series Chart. That’s driven solely by user interaction (mouse wheel or pinch/zoom gestures) That Chart Range Selector is still the best option for “honing in” on data from a larger dataset.