Perspective timeseries chart timeRange color

How can I change the color of the timeRange property of a timeseries chart? The default is very light grey, I’d like to make it darker (perhaps change opacity?).


I am also trying to figure it out.
Might have to find again where Victor said how to insert some css.
I might post the range above my chart though.

Create a new style (I called it timerange_color) and add this to its background position property:

} .psc-timerange_color .time-range-display {color: red;} {

Change the color to whatever you want, add this class to your timeseries chart and you're done.

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Thanks Pascal

Kind of upset that I just found out I could have used curvestep as the interpolation on the trend after that headache trying to add in zeroes.

How would I move the grid line for 6am to be at 6am?

It is at like 630am right now.


I thought I could figure it out looking at the source, but I don't know css.