Perspective tool tip text markup

Is there a way to format selected text within a Perspective tool tip? We’d like to bold the first line, but it looks like html doesn’t work in these like it did in Vision.

Hi there, in Ignition 8.1.10, all Perspective components received a tooltip meta property. There should be a style property to the tooltip property where you can set the style directly or apply a pre-configured Style Class to the tooltip.

This does translate to HTML and hopefully you can get your formatting how like from here.

Are you on version 8.1.10 or later and are not seeing that property?

I should also point out that there is a known and currently active bug where sometimes Style Classes sometimes are not staying applied to the tooltip.


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Thanks @jthorpe, we’re on 8.1.17 and have that, but are looking for a way to style only selected text within the tooltip, not all text. Is there a way to use styles to accomplish this?

I don’t think it’s possible. HTML would require you to have distinct elements, but the tooltip is emitted as a single element.

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It could be a feature request (e.g. on the ideas portal) - maybe to allow markdown or something in here, but then you’re paying parsing overhead every time the tooltip is displayed, so it’s probably not ideal.

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You can select the first line with ::first-line. Tho its quite hard to see with the black background xd

if its sepecif words in the text, than it wont really be possible… tho you can do some tricks with lineargradient… its really hacky and not worth your time xd
its a “transparent gradient” with text-shadow combo… you gotta make the gradient target the correct text, which is really messy and not dynamic at all xd


Thanks @victordcq! first-line selector works perfectly:

Linear gradient solution–if there’s a will there’s a way :rofl:


note that when there is no space for the tooltip and the text wraps than the first line selector will also select less

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