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Hello friends) Can help me? I want create a tooltip(Height90px) in header, but my header must be height 70px. How I can show this tooltip under other windows? I using ignition demo project for that.

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Hi @Andrii.Randiuk, if the header is in a docked view, I’m not sure if it is possible. If not, then make sure your component’s is set to visible. Make sure the overflow is also set to visible for all parent containers.

MAin containers is coordinate, it don`t have overflow. That I know, what you said ,I checked it, but I saw screen where it done?

@Andrii.Randiuk, apologies I don’t understand your last sentence. If you are using the Ignition Demo project I will try and test with it when I get the time (I have not used it before so I am unsure of it’s configuration).

Unfortunately, I am unable to do this now but may be able to do this later tonight (UK time). Sorry I can’t be of further help right now :slight_smile:

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ok, if you can look to my problem tonight it will be great!
I want to do next image image
with the same figure

I found that, but he pointed to label and label is showing.
I want pointed to object and then show label(tooltip)

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following! @nader.chinichian

I only can handle this by setting flex container overflow to show. and play with visibility.
But there is no delay to set up so when mouse over object wait and after some time display tooltip.

We did what you said. Thank! Very useful!

Every one here that looking for tooltip please vote for this so it go in top of the list:

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