Perspective Touch Context Menu


I would like to create a custom context menu for Perspective.

I can easily open a view at the mouse cursor using the onContextMenu actions for browsers with a mouse.

How can I do this for touch devices? I would like to preserve the current onClick behaviour that opens the standard device faceplate, but open a quick action context menu using something like a long press.

I am thinking along the lines of using the time difference between onTouchStart and onTouchEnd, but that seems more difficult than it needs to be.

Any better ideas?


Is there a way to have a normal click event and a long press event on Perspective touch screens?

use the event onContextMenu.
Touchscreens should automatically send this event after a long press

It seems like it was working using onContextMenu all along on Windows and Android.

I was testing on iOS and it does not work there.

Might be ios version related, but ios is always a special caseā€¦ not much to do but try updating your ios browser/device and see it it helps