Perspective Training


I've finished Inductive University, and I've been doing small SCADA projects with Ignition Perspective for a while.

I'm getting involved in a bigger, more complex project, and I'm wondering the "Ignition Perspective Training" is worth the investment at this stage and experience level.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you!

If you've already been using Perspective for a while, you probably won't get much out of the training class. As I understand it, it's more about fundamentals/introduction to Perspective.

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Thank you for the info!

I didn't find any that covers css and advanced stylesheets and how to efficiently use it with Perspective objects, anything planned? :slight_smile:

Only one video for now, but perhaps more useful for you:


The one that gives a gold certification is the one you're referring to? I was also thinking about taking it but I was looking for something more advanced

This thread is about the training class, which is (currently) a distinct thing from the certification test. Taking the class will help a lot on the test, but it's not required, nor is completing the class a replacement for the test (again, currently).

Yeah I'm talking about the Perspective Training Class as well. I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing.

Online Ignition Perspective Training - Apr 10 - Apr 14, 2023 | Ignition (

This class is more of a basic level course?

Using terms like advanced and basic are difficult because what I consider advanced and what you consider advanced can be two very different things. What I can say is that the Perspective class and the Database and scripting class are both harder than the Core class. Both classes assume you at least have the knowledge and skills gained from the Core class, so I would not recommend the Perspective Class being the first class you take if you have no experience.

As Paul stated earlier, the class does go over some of the fundamentals, but that is really just at the beginning of the week to ensure that everyone has the same base level of knowledge. There are more difficult topics that we cover later in the week.

Was there something specific you were looking to learn and get out of the class? I can certainly tell you if it would be helpful to you or not.

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Makes sense, thanks for the response and info. Big things for me is to learn best practices for developing a mobile responsive design the proper way instead of nesting a bunch of flex containers until it works. And also to dig deeper into more advanced scripting usage/techniques.

Then I would say you may learn some good things from the class.

While we can't cover every scenario, we do cover the different container types and talk about when you would want to use them, and how to plan out your mobile design with an actual project.

We also cover a good amount of scripting in the Perspective class as well, going over script transforms and message handlers, and some different ways/reasons why they might be used. There is even a barcode example, using scripting to handle the barcode in some way.

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