Perspective - translations behavior

Hello guys, I am creating translations on my project for multiple languages. For some components I don't understand the behavior of the locale session property. Are some components automatically translated into the current locale or, for example, also columns in the power chart table have to be translated?
Some components seems that is not translated automatically, and also adding the word "Last" in translation manager for example, it is not translated in the browser.


The first question would have to be what version of Ignition you're using. We made some improvements to translation in Perspective in 8.1.42.

I am currently using Ignition 8.1.42 with Perspective module

Good to know. Let me tag in someone from our Perspective team.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I expect that by default all words in components like a power chart is automatically translated changing the locale, isn't it?

No, generally not. It works that way for some components (labels, IIRC), but most programmer-supplied content is not translated. There are functions available for the programmer to use with dynamic content.

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Hello @pturmel, ok so all labels must be translated manually. Another question related to translations is that if I want to translated table cells, I have to bind all cells/columns to an expression like translate("term"). I noticed that this slow down for some seconds the load and translation. When removing these bindings the page loads normally. Is there a way to avoid it or a better way to do the task?


Not labels, IIRC. IA is making more and more dynamic content auto-translatable.

Anyways, you should use bulk translation operations in a transform, not use individual translation bindings:

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For the PowerChart, we are translating the entire realtime date display, which includes Last ${unitOfTime} ${measureOfTime}. In general, we try not to do this for dynamically changing template strings, especially ones that include numbers. Fortunately, you have some control over the unit of time.