Perspective- Trend a custom SQL query

I can’t get perspective to trend a custom query.
I’m using a time series chart and a named Querie

SELECT DateTime, LeftHeight
FROM Shipping_PostHeight
WHERE DateTime >‘2020-09-09 14:00’ ORDER BY DateTime DESC

when tested the Named Querie it shows all the values and columns with no issues

If I use a table it shows the data, but the DateTime column shows values instead of Dates

and my Time Series Chart keeps throwing “Componen error”… I’m bindig the named querie as a dataset in the Table Series property

Does anyone have a basic example on how to trend and show data coming from SQL, not historian…?



1.Under Query Binding see the Return Format is “auto” where you configure your named querie for chart.
2. TimeSeriesChart - delate the ‘0’ Object under plots and add again

this might help you.

Returning format is in AUTO and deleted the o Obejct under plots… still the same error…

Do you have any sample projects with trends using a SQL database (not history) that I can use as reference?
thanks for the help.

Did you try setting the return format to json?

Sorry, forgot to ask what database you are using.

Dang, I need coffee…

Where are you binding it in the chart? It needs to be in the ‘data’ portion of the series.

Jordan, I’m using Microsoft SQL. You were right, I was doing the binding in the wrong location.I did the binding in the ‘data’ of the series and it worked well… =)

I have a table with the same data, but my first column (Date Time) is showing values instead of the dates… Do you know how to set that column to show Date Time instead of values?..

Thanks for the help!

If you add the columns in the column configuration, it should format as a date. You can customize it by adjusting the dateFormat property.

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Hi) can you help me? What I do not right?