Perspective Trigger Display On Client Side

Is there a way to trigger something to display on the client side before any communication is sent to the gateway? Doing anything in a script appears to be out since all scripts run on the gateway server, as far as I understand.

Do expressions on a component prop execute on the client side? If so how do we change the property the expression uses without using a script?

Our goal is to display something to let the user know they interacted with the view, but before the response has been sent to the gateway.

No, expressions run on the gateway, too.

What i do on (potential) long scripts in a button is set a cursor style in the beginning/end of the script.
So that user see the script is running. ='wait'

//code here... ='default'

Since you are setting the cursor prop to ‘wait’ in a script, doesnt the code execute on the gateway then somehow the gateway sends back to the client telling it to set the cursor property to ‘wait’? We are trying to show something to the user before any communication to the gateway.

yes it goes through the gateway first.

im pretty sure its impossible to do that without making a module since everything in the designer is coded in python it always goes through the gateway first to be translated/executed into js

if you really want it to trigger before even that (eventho it goes realy quite fast xd) you could make a module that has an event trigger on mouse press, then deterimine if you pressed a button and then execute something in js… Its quite a lot of work for something that otherwise goes so fast its basicly unnoticable by the user xd

I have a bit of code that could read out the componets on mouse click in js but you’ll have to do quite a bit of tweaking and what even do you want to show them?

I have figured out how to do this with some help from IA. I found out that any event actions that do not have the “Security Settings” button is performed client side. Which is is all of the actions except Script. Knowing that I thought what about a dock at the footer that has the indeterminate progress bar on it.

I added a dock action before my script action that opens the footer dock. Then when my script finishes I close the dock.