Perspective URL

Is it possible to change the URL for the projects to something like…?




Not directly, for better or for worse. Because Perspective is “just” a module, it has to play nicely with everything else, which is why all of its internals get mounted to /data/<modulename>/*.

What you could do, at least theoretically, is use something like nginx in a “reverse proxy” configuration that rewrote URLs for you - take yourcustomdomain/project/extra/path and rewrite it to reach yourgateway/data/perspective/client/extra/path. Not outside the realm of possibility, but also not exactly trivial to implement.

Could it be simplified by registering a domain and pointing to different projects ? (Im no web expert so excuse the stupid questions)

directed to


You could do something like that (notice autoredirects to the full URL:

That did the trick, Thankyou.

Revisiting this one again,

I got it working as above using SSL etc. I have force secure redirection on but when you mask the URL for the redirect it lets you connect over HTTP. The browser tells you its not secure but the project opens and works even though force secure it set.

If i turn off URL masking it redirects to the full URL and opens as HTTPS