Perspective use of term in translation manager?

I try to translate some terms in perspective.

For example, with the Table component, how to translate “Filter Table…” ?

In the translation manager (with Ignore Capitalization settings) and Perspective project Locale set to “français”, “Filter Table…” is not subsitute with the term in the translation manager ?

I tried the same thing before looking for an answer. Looking forward for a better use of Translation Manager in Perspective.

It’s currently not possible to translate this string, although translation in Perspective is actively improving - for instance, 8.1.3 adds broad localization support to the alarm status and alarm journal table in Perspective.

8.1.3 has improved a lot translation for alarms !
Icing on the cake, would be some translation terms with a component scope like for vision, in order to have translated terms customisable for some components.

hello, I’ve upgrade my ignition to 8.1.3. The problem is that the translation manager works so good in the designer while I lauch it to the web page, the language remains untranslated, would you please help me in this issue? Thank you so much!!

The translation is based on the locale of the session (or browser). If you want the browser session to translate, then the locale of the session needs to be set to a locale for which you have translations in place. If you have a locale of en-US in the browser, and you have translations in place for Esperanto, then you need to either change the default locale of the browser in the browser settings, or you need to set session.props.locale to “eo” in order for it to begin translating the content based on your translations.

I’ve already set ‘session.props.locale’ to the language I want and it actually worked in the designer. But in google browser, the content reminded English. Is it that I need to set the language of my google browser to what I want ?

Setting session.props.locale in the Designer does not set the locale of running sessions on start because that setting is set at the project level:

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 8.48.12AM

The session.props.locale property allows for changing the locale at runtime. So you have three options:

  1. Change the project-wide setting to force all sessions to open as a certain locale.
  2. Change your browser to the locale you want to use.
  3. Allow for sessions to set their own locale by supplying some sort of input (Dropdown is common) which is bidirectionally bound to the session.props.locale property.