Perspective: Using the Flex Repeater like the Template Repeater


I’m playing around with the Flex Repeater component, as I want to display a number of the same pump status View with different parameters. However when there are too many to display them at full height on the screen, I get scrollbars on each embedded View in the Flex component. What I want is to display them all at full height, and have a master scrollbar displayed instead. Is this possible?
Otherwise, I can just stacked embedded Views directly into the Flex Container, but this won’t let me filter pumps out if I want to in the future like I would be able to do with the Flex Repeater…

E.g. below. the top 4 pump status components are contained in a Flex Repeater; the bottom 2 (1 is mostly cut off) are independent Embedded Views.

PS. I realise that green is a bad colour for stopped. I’m just playing around at the moment :wink:

Disclaimer: I’m not a css expert, but, you may just need to specify the right flex child properties? See:

I would recommend playing around with browser developer tools (they’re incredibly powerful) first, to get the layout you want, then add it as necessary to Perspective.


Thanks Paul, I’ll have a look. I’m completely new to web development, so moving away from the coordinate space and into fluid positioning is a bit of a strange shift!