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We have a number of client projects on Perspective but are having an issue with Perspective itself as it is quite unresponsive. At times it can take up to a minute for a page to load which is leading to a lot of complaints from our clients. I have included a screen shot of the resources it’s using currently below.

Today we uninstalled & reinstalled 8.04 again but it did not make any difference. Also, we removed any projects, tags, etc which are currently not being used to help speed up the process and which only made a very slight difference.

We are also having issues using the Prespective Designer as it is utilising a lot of the resources on our server, which in turn means that it is terribly slow to develop and I am having to reboot the designer a number of times during the day. The current version we are using is 8.04 and I have had this issue with all the previous versions.

Our development machine is a Windows 10 Pro with 16GB RAM and with an i5 Processor.

I can forward logs, etc which hopefully can help in resolving our issues ASAP please.


You should really get in contact with support, but to start, seeing what is taking up that 99% CPU would be good - get a thread dump from the gateway webpage.

I have been in contact but have not had any reply yet hence why I’m posting this on here

Hi @Shindig,

I let support know that you need some assistance and they will be reaching out to you shortly.

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Thank you. They have replied to me now :slightly_smiling_face:

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