Perspective version of layout

Hi there,
I just started using Perspective and I created a header using coordinate component and added a label in there. I placed it in the center but when I launch the label is not in the center… How can I have the label position in the center like how we do it on Vision?
I am trying to follow this tutorial from the manual
but my header label is not centered.

Perspective doesn’t work like that - it is entirely different. Take some time to look at CSS for styling your components, and look at the different types of perspective containers as you’ll likely find a better container for what you need than coordinate. (Flex is way better for headers)

Having said that, to get your component in the center in this situation, an easy way is to set the width to 100%, the x coordinate to 0, and then set the text alignment to center.

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Thank you @jonathan.taylor ! It worked :+1: