Perspective versus Vision Load on Gateway

I’m looking at deploying a new project that will require 110-130 clients. The screens will all be the same. They will be tracking employee efficiency, payroll, and will use barcode scanners. Number of tags and queries should be more towards the lower side of things. I’m currently on version 7.9.10, and I wanted to know if the load on the gateway would be lower using perspective instead of vision clients. I’ve read that if the application isn’t mobile-first, then go with Vision. So would perspective and vision effectively use the same amount of ram on the gateway, or is one lighter? Thanks

Vision over 100 clients will probably have more of a performance penalty on the gateway than Perspective, due to the less efficient polling architecture.
Perspective sessions, due to their backend component running on the gateway, do have a higher initial penalty on the gateway (ie, 5 Vision clients are likely going to have less impact than 5 Perspective sessions) but Perspective sessions scale much, much better - the impact is basically linear.