Perspective Video Player file not valid

Hello, I am using a video player component to display a live camera feed from HTTP request.
The request is working fine on my browser and it is showing the live video.
When I add the Video player component and go to source → binding → HTTP I put the URL like in the screenshot below :

The URL is correct and is working, but for some reason Ignition is giving file not valid error.
Any help is appreciated!

Is ignition on the same machine ? If it’s a remote installation, then will be the remote machine, not the machine you’re using.

You probably don’t want a binding here. The value of VideoPlayer.props.source should be No binding involved.

Since you’re using Perspective, would reference the computer the Gateway is installed on, not the computer your client is running on (unless they happen to be the same).

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Yes they are both on the same machine.

Actually I just put the URl between quotes and now it is not showing an error in the binding anymore, but no video is being shown.

You shouldn’t expect this to work, due to different source security policies. You might be able to play with the video feed’s CORS headers.

Is there any way to stream camera footage into Ignition ?
That is ultimately what I am looking to do, my approach was to stream the camera footage into a server and then use the server’s get URL.
I did not quite understand your reply, but there are no security policies with the source video, I created.

So the fix was pretty simple, instead of going into binding I just typed the URL in the source prop like this.
It is now working fine

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This is exactly what @zacht suggested… come on…


Correct yes, my bad, I will mark his answer as a solution.