Perspective Video Player - formats/best practices?

We are looking at integrating some IP cameras in a perspective project. The 8.1 reference page seems to lack any information of what the supported formats of streams are? I recognize it will be limited by the browser, but does the component have any other restrictions? We would be looking for likely an MPEG stream over anything else. Lots of specific forum posts about various Video Player questions, but there seems to be a lack of just general information and setup? Looking for what the great link knows...

This post would be of some interest to you.
VIDEO starter kit for Ignition Vision and Perspective 8.1 - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

Thanks! I stumbled across that one previously - it is mostly for Windows - I am working on Linux, but there were some useful bits there. Didn't give me much on MPEG streams which is what we are trying to get setup.

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