Perspective Video Player timeline does not behave as expected

In original screen size, adjusting the playback point on the timeline causes the video to restart (Chrome & Edge).
In full screen mode, adjusting the playback point will resume the video at the place where it stopped, no matter where you try to move the playback point.
We are using the Video Player to display end-user training of our Ignition application. Not being able to adjust the playback point severely limits the effectiveness of our video training.

What Ignition Version are you using?

There have been many improvements to the Video Player in Perspective. I have tested on the most recent version of Ignition (8.1.14), and adjusting the playback point for a local webm file while the Video Player component is in full screen works as expected.

Hi @kvane, thank you for your response! We are currently using Ignition 8.1.12. We will test our screen on 8.1.14. Thanks!