Perspective Video Stream http and https mixed content

I am trying to stream from an IP camera within a Perspective project using the video player. I have successfully managed to access the stream using the following format:


When I try and embed the same address into my perspective project I get ‘Error Loading Media’

the console in Chrome shows a ‘Mixed Content error.’ the main project is https. The camera addresses are http and they get blocked as they are a sub resource.

any advice appreciated.

This is a browser restriction, not something Ignition/Perspective are doing intentionally.
Your options are probably to see if there’s a way to disable the error in Chrome (unlikely, because security) or to stand up some additional service to serve the camera content as HTTPS - look into services like nginx, Treafik, IIS, etc.

thanks for the feedback. I am not familiar with those services. Are they used just to change the address from http to https?

I am able to set the camera up for https, but when I do this, I am still not able to view in Perspective as the browser doesn’t allow embedded credentials such as https:User:Password@host

One of the things proxies like nginx can do is transparently rewrite requests from one address to another.
So something like
Perspective -[requests proxy URL]-> proxy (serving as HTTPS) -[requests camera feed with embedded auth]> camera

From the actual browser, it tries to reach https://addressOfYourProxy, and the proxy server itself is what performs the request of your camera feed.