Perspective View Complexity affects dynamic grow/shrink response of flex container

I am building a perspective view in a 8.0.9 project that contains an assortment of embedded views housed within flex containers. All of the other views in this project follow the same pattern. The containers themselves reside within a flex view.

On one of my screens it has an erratic loading behavior where all the containers scale up and down before stabilizing and rendering the data contained within the embedded views. I don’t experience this behavior on loading any other screens and have narrowed the cause down to a single embedded view that is high complexity and contains several flex repeaters for various icon sets and data labels.

So far I have tried setting the loading mode to blocking on the screen view and every sub layer of embedded views so that nothing on the screen itself at any embedded view level has a loading mode of non-blocking. This has not affected the screen startup behavior.

Is there anything I can do to mitigate this or have I reached an upper limit for screen complexity at which scaling occurs in a reasonable time frame without making the screen appear glitchy on startup? Am I approaching my screen construction inefficiently by unitizing everything into embedded views? Will I get an appreciable performance gain if I put everything inside of the view itself?

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Hopefully, the solution isn’t to extract items out of the embedded views up to a top level view only. The power of Perspective is gained from using embedded views, I’d say that’s the intended use of Perspective. I also am facing this on another project.

I can’t say whether or not you are hitting limits on complexity, but I’d guess ‘probably not’. I suspect you’re hitting a bug, doing something a little unusual that we haven’t in our testing, and/or running into some side effect of how your project/view is structured.

Since 8.0.9 there have been a number of bugs, performance improvements general changes relating to container sizing, size calculations, etc. I’d first suggest trying your views in the current version and see if the issue persists. If it you still see the inconsistent or poor loading/rendering in 8.0.12, sounds like an opportunity for us to get more info about your project make some improvements.

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Thank you for the reply, I will try this as soon as I can. Unfortunately this project relies on Sepasoft MES modules which are only tested up to 8.0.9 so I cannot update the gateway at this time but I will try once the MES modules are cleared for the latest version.

Confirming that this was fixed in 8.0.12, currently running on 8.0.14 and the loading of the flex views is still working well.

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