Perspective: "View.config is undefined" error when opening view

A view that has been in use for some time now throws this error when opening it in the designer. It seems to work in a browser though. I’ve seen a couple of threads on this but haven’t seen any concrete answers/solutions. Any help would be appreciated.

You should get in contact with support. Opening this view in the designer could be “dangerous” (depending on your version) because in old versions we might fail to retrieve the view from the design session and end up saving empty config over the existing view.

The gateway is at 8.1.10.

It happened on my gateways many times. There are two possible ways.
Export the view to json, and edit it.
First is changing all float value to interger, like 8.149999999.
Second is cut your content ,paste in another view. make sure the code is less then 3000 line. You could use several Embeded views to make up the original view.

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