Perspective view "defaultSize" parameter as "auto"

Hi everyone,

To create a dropdown in my navbar page, I’m setting my view height as “auto”.
The view can then automatically resize to display or not the dropdown content as overflow.

It works perfectly but the “defaultSize” parameter of the view doesn’t seems happy about being set as “auto”.


So my question is, in future updates, is there a risk that this is changed and Ignition would just reject it?
How could I do the same dropdown display as overflow in a more proper way for Ignition?

This is the sort of navbar I’m trying to recreate.



Hello! The props.defaultSize.height will expect a integer value. With a string value like your ‘auto’, the most recent valid number will be used instead. I wonder if the auto-sizing behavior you are observing is actually caused by a flex container or embedded view auto-adjusting your dropdown content.

How do you have your dropdown content displayed in your navbar?