Perspective View in Table cell unable to change bound values?

I have a Table in Perspective that has some data, with one column being a boolean data type.


I want the user to just be able to click on a cell to change the "select" values, but the default table requires 2 clicks: 1 to activate an edit, and 1 to toggle the checkbox (unless I'm missing an option somewhere?).

As a workaround, I created another View that just has a checkbox in it. The checkbox is bidirectionally bound to
I used this View in the select column, and when I change the[x].select value, the checkbox changes. But when I toggle the checkbox itself, it toggles while the cursor is inside of the cell region, but when it leaves it, it goes back to the original value and the data isn't affected.. Is this supposed to work like this?

I've worked around it with messages at the moment.

Hey Nick,

I'm curious as to how the view you created is configured. You mentioned that upon loss of focus the value of the cell returns to what it originally was. Are you able to post a screen recording of this behavior?