Perspective View Label Shows Zulu Time

I have a strange question about a Perspective view / label control. I have simple label with a script binding to the text field. The binding simply has “now()” as an expression only to show the current date and time. The binding preview shows the current pc time, but on the view, the label shows Zulu time. See the screen capture attached. Why am I getting Zulu time on the control? This is Ignition 8.1.6.

You should upgrade to 8.1.7 ASAP
8.1.6 was pulled due to a major bug that can remove configuration from your UDT instances under some circumstances.
As for your other issue, I’m not sure sorry

Thanks for that tip. I’ll move forward to the lastest version.

The binding preview is running ‘local’ on your designer, so the Java date object is being translated to your local timezone.
The actual binding in the Perspective session is running on the gateway, so it’s using local time from the gateway server. Have you tried setting the project timezone property for the project to client?

So simple. That did the trick. Many thanks!

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I’m having the same issue on a label control displaying a time stamp from a namedQuery.
I tried setting the Project Timezone to “Client”, same issue. The Server and client are on the same VM currently.

Also why does the label print out with the additional chars “T” and “Z” while if I print it to the console it doesn’t? Is that how zulu time prints out?

using Ignition 8.1.1

In designer and Client

In console

Resolved…Once I casted to a string it updates correctly…

self.getSibling(“Label_Date”).props.text = str(taskDS[0][6])

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