Perspective View Loading Screen / Execute when Done

Hello. I’m trying to create a ‘loading’ screen for while a view is loading (usually under a second) and also I want to send a message to another view when this is done. I see that invokeLater is relegated to gateway scripts and that time.sleep is a nightmare waiting to happen. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Thank you.

I don’t think there’s any way to tell when a view is loading vs loaded in perspective, there’s no property change event that will tell you everything is done.

One thing that might work for views on a table is to use a property change on the data property, to see when it goes from 0 rows to N rows, then you will know the table is loaded.

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What I typically do is add an embedded view for a “Loading screen” that shows a progress bar that is indeterminate. When the data property on my table (or whatever I am looking at) is None, or len() = 0 then I make my embedded view display = True, and my tables display False

Done all with bindings is typically a bit more efficient and easy to manage in my experience than the property change