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Can we reuse the created Perspective views (High Performance displays) on any other external web based platforms except the data part? The idea is to build once and deploy it in anywhere.


Can we import a display built in a web application to ignition except the data part?

So you would use ignition for design only? Seems like there would be better tools for that.
One of Ignitions main positive is that it can acces data from a lot of different sources (tags, plcs, dbs…)

You could use the webdev module to import what ever html/js files you want.

What are you trying to make here? and what “tools” do you want to use?

The idea is to make the display re-usable in some sort of web based visualization tools (power BI, Grafana, etc…)

High performance displays philosophy remains same . The only change is the data source.

But Perspective is a web based “visualization tool”?
Which has plenty of things to make them reusable and dynamic.
You can most likely use what ever datasource you have with ignition.

I dont understand what you are trying to say here… and tbh i dont think you do either.
But mixing “tools” generally will not go as easy as you hope.

I think your best bet would be working directly in a web framework (perspective uses React). Which has many “tools” to visualise data. and fetch it from anywhere. Perspective has a web module which also allows to work with any html/js files you have.


Yeah, the answer to your questions is basically no.

The closest thing I think you could come to is designing generic React components in-house. You could then re-use these in any environment that’s using React (which is sort of a lingua franca for frontend web development, as much as there can be one in such a fractured ecosystem).
You would then have to implement the Ignition-specific layer to actually use these in Ignition via a custom module, which isn’t a trivial endeavor. You’d also likely have to implement similar ‘adapters’ for other hosted environments, since they’d have their own data “shape”.

You will have a much better time picking a single ‘platform’ (doesn’t have to be Ignition, just pick one), designing and implementing for that one platform, and then figuring out how to get data from the other platforms into that one platform. If you were to choose Ignition, that’s something we’re fairly good at, since you can talk to HTTP services, databases, PLCs, OPC-UA servers, etc directly. But we’re by no means the only game in town :slight_smile:

Shush, you. (:

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Thanks a lot