Perspective View parameters


I have a problem with passing parameters from page to page.
As in Demo Project I use Cards, which I compose on the Main Page using Embedded Views.
In cards I use view parameters as INPUT and set values in the Main Page.
The question is: sometimes these parameters get values from default values which I set up in cards, but not these which I set on Main page…
What is my problem?

Main Page:

The result when I first navigate to the page:

This is the same page when I update some graphic and save the project to client:

and… What 's wrong with Linear Scale? When I first navigate to the page this Element looks bad:
but… after I click on control button (to start/stop pump etc) and then back, so then it looks fine:

Is this a problem because of FLEX Containers? I use them a lot))) or this is problem in me?:neutral_face:

What version of Ignition are you on?

I use 8.0.10 Stable version

Hello PGriffith, I am seeing the same issue in 8.1.0 RC version embedded views where the old parameters are used when page opens and when I perform some other action and come back it displays new parameter values.

Appreciate your help in advance.

It looks like there’s a known regression for 8.1 that should now be fixed - have you tried RC3?

It’s currently not available on the downloads page. Is there another place to download RC3?

@code_skin Its actually going through final checks at the moment, but is expected to be up soon.

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I don’t see it yet under downloads but will try 8.1.0 RC3 once it is made available. Thanks again for your help.

It’s available for me now.

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