Perspective - View Style Class Not Inherited in Embedded View

Hello All,

I have a view for a control loop face plate. I then have another view with multiple embedded views that are pointing to the control loop face plate. I have noticed that the embedded views do not inherit the style class from the view it is displaying and does not have an option to do so. I have to explicitly set the style on each embedded view. Is this by design or am I missing something?



Hi @franklepkowski,

I think this is by design as a View will not necessarily know if it is going to be inherited or not.

You can get this behaviour though by using bindings:

  1. Bind the parent View’s style property (or parts of it) to a param in the props.params of the Embedded View component
  2. Create the same param in the child View
  3. Bind the param of the child View to the appropriate styles of the components in the child View