Perspective View & Vision Windows Turn into Folders

In Ignition 8, I am having an issue where all of my windows in Vision and Perspective will turn into folders that will not open. The only ones that don’t turn into folders are the ones with no tags on them. Please see pictures. I hope I haven’t lost everything.


Hi @louie.poire, Can you please get in touch with support if you haven’t already done so?

Will do!

Louie, did you solve it?

I sent the backup to Inductive Automation support about a week and a half ago. Waiting for them to come up with a fix. The guy said that it was a known issue.

Unfortunately, there is no real “fix” for this - once the resources have been saved in this state, their content is lost (unless you have scheduled backups or other file rollback available to you). Aside from that, the issue is known and we are working on fixing things so that it no longer occurs as soon as possible (ideally, as soon as 8.0.6)

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.6 nightly build that was uploaded today (10/21).

This still seems to be an issue in v8.07

Happened to me this week! How to fix this?

@swathi.g I did not find a way to fix the folder issue. I had to restart everything I was working on

This has happened 3 times today after reinstalling my designer (for a different issue I have a ticket in for). Ignition version 8.1.11.
Designer version 1.1.11