Perspective viewing on Laptops, phones, tablets. How to connect it all?

I am implementing my first Perspective system in the near future. I have some concerns of the detailed process to make it all work together.

Scope: I will install a server with Perspective on site in a remote location with little to no cellular service. The system will be hooked up to their internet connection directly. I have not issue with the client viewing Perspective on the monitor I will be installing on site.

Concern: What needs to be done to make it viewable on the tablet, phone and laptops.

  1. When they are connected to the wifi on site.
  2. When they are off site and just have internet connection to anywhere.

I do not understand the equal in Perspective. Such as in vision, you get on the network of the server and type the servers IP address with the port to a browser and you are on the Gateway.

Please let me know if I can try to give any more information or anything of that nature.

Ignition Package: Below are the details of the planned quote from Ignition, specified by talking with Ignition. The question is what actually to do to view, when I have all this and the server set up.

  • Modbus Driver Module
  • OPC-UA Server
  • UDP/TCP Driver Module
  • Alarm Notification Module
  • SMS Notification Module
  • Voice Notification - English Female (Katherine)
  • Voice Notification Module
  • Perspective Module
  • Symbol Factory
  • Tag Historian
  • SQL Bridge Module

Thank you!

Exact same except instead of having to download the client launcher, you select the option to open a Perspective project.

One thing I like to do is set a “webpage redirect” on my gateway, so that accessing the IP:Port combination takes you directly into the project. (i.e. would take you to

And second I like to change the default web port to 80, as your web browser assumes port 80 in any URL that they arent specified, so you could access your project just by going to

The debateably best, most likely what you want solution is a VPN. Not a piece of Ignition configuration at all. A VPN allows anyone with access to the internet (and the right credentials) to authenticate and connect inside “your” network as if they were physically present.
It is absolutely possible to expose Ignition’s webserver (and therefore Perspective) on the public internet, and many, many customers have done so, but it’s rife with dangers if you do not know what you are doing.

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Thanks for the advice, I will do that, but does that solve the issue with other devices trying to connect to the perspective?
Such as… Ok I set up the server, viewing Perspective all good. Then I drive into town, and want to open it on my phone. I am not a networking expert and I do not understand how to get that part to work.

With vision before, my client’s IT set up a VPN for me to get into their system. Is that necessary here for laptops, tablets, phones, when not on the sites wifi?

Ahhh, okay sorry I skipped over that part my bad. Yes you will want a VPN as Paul mentioned above ^^

Ok that makes sense, Ill have to look into how to the VPN, especially on the phone/tablet. Paul can you direct me to where I can find information on how to go public?
As an option to bring to my team and weigh the pros and cons.

On iPhone/iPad, VPN is under Settings, near the top (just under the other network stuff like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & Cellular). I imagine Android is similar, but don’t have one handy.

See this thread regarding exposing Perspective to the internet directly (rather than behind a VPN):

VPN is less convenient for users, but is generally the accepted way to secure remote access.

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