Perspective Views cutoff/resizing when toggling between views in Designer

I am currently developing with the Perspective module in Ignition 8.1.18. One item I noticed in the Designer is that a view will sometimes be cut off to a 600x400 window. This usually occurs when toggling between different views in the Designer, such as going to the settings tab and then back to the view tab several times. The view will return to normal if it’s closed and reopened. This appears to occur with all types of views, whether it’s coordinate, flex, breakpoint.

This is one of a number of bugs we’re hoping will go away once be upgrade the web browser library we use in the designer.

Unfortunately, every time we attempt the upgrade we run into some new problem and have to work through it with the vendor. But it is on our radar.

Isn’t this the windows scaling issue? What if you set windows scaling to 100%?

Thanks @PGriffith .

@nminchin Doesn’t seem to be the case with window scaling, usually kept it at 100%.

Does appears there is a further cutoff of 300x200 when attempting to scroll or zoom.