Perspective Views folder missing

Hi everyone. I was working on my Pespective Project, but when I opened it this morning the Views folder was missing.
I had several views that are still visible as “Recently modified Views” in the “Page Configuration” section and I can also select all my views form the “PrimaryView” dropdown, but I can’t open them anymore.

I share the Ignition Gateway with other people working on different projects. So I’m not sure of what happened.
Is it possible to recover the Views folder whit all the existing views?
If not, how can I make the Views folder appear to create my views again?


Do the other people still see them? did you restart the designer?

Maybe check this file location to see if there are still some folders in here
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects\YOURPROJECTNAME\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\views

If not then i hope you have a backup xd

Thanks @victordcq.
The others don’t see them either when opening my project, but in their projects the Views folder is visible.
I also created a new project “Test” and it shows everyting correctly. Only my project has this problem.

I checked the file location and all my views are still there but I can’t see them in the designer.

Is there a way to show up the View Folder again?
I have a backup but I can’t restore it because the project is running and I would cause problems.
I just would like the View folder to appear so that I could create new views.


Very weird xd
If the others also dont see it its not the designer…
Maybe the folder got restricted? How that even can happen idk tho.
Anything new/weird you did yesterday? Are you using third party modules/libs?

Something in the logs showing?

I don’t use any third party modules/libs.
Yesterday I just added some NamedQueries, nothing different from what I usually do.
I don’t even know how is it possible to make the Views folder disappear. So I don’t understand which could be the cause of the problem.
I’ll try again and I’ll let you know if I find a solution.
Thank you @victordcq for your help!

Check in the designer console for any related errors when you first boot up the designer and expand the perspective tree

i dont think it should be possible its most likely a bugg /error

Yes! It happened to me once. I backup the project and restore it. It show again! Good luck to you!

Thank you all.
@yj.cao I’m afraid I cannot restor the project because it’s already running and it would stop the production. I’ll try to ask, but I hope there’s another way. I’ll keep that option as last resort.

is your project still working? can you browser to some of the urls you defined?

Yes @victordcq, I can launch my Pespective project. The link is working.

heh… the logs not showing anything?
Guess you will have to contact support

I contacted italian technical support and they find a solution whitout having to stop the project or to restore a backup.

It seems some Named Queries were corrupted. I deleted the corrupted one and I reopened the Designer. That did the trick.
The Views folder was back.

Thank you all for helping me!!

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