Perspective views won't load on iOS


We are having difficulties getting some views to load on iOS devices. Some older macbooks (with the newest OS) are able to load them without problems, but Ipads, Iphones, and new macbooks are not able to load certain views. The views contain SVG's that are animated. In isolation i can load the elements, but the animated parts of the SVG's does not show.. and most elements are embedded. Does anyone of you know how to optimize views for iOS?

right now my only solution is to recreate all our views with minimal embedding, as this loads faster. but I am not able to make the SVG's work. Does iOS not support animated plain SVG's?

that really depends on the device and version you are using. try to update their browsers, what version/browser are you trying this on? i believe ios also have different browsers you can try

I have tried different browsers and different versions of the OS. To make it load faster I have to refrain from using embedded views however the animation of the SVG, which is animated with a binding, will not work. I am testing out importing the SVG via the markup component now.

you will have better luck identifying the device and browser versions, to look up what (doesnt) work on there (or has potitional work arounds)

what is the latest version you are running it on of the os and brower?

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I found a solution to the SVG animation issue!
I used a calc() function within a height attribute (e.g. height = "calc(44/33)") this will not work on certain iOS. But if I do the calculations in a custom variable and input the results as height it seems to work

calc has to be used with units, in which case it should work on all modern browsers (expect opera mini)
but units dont really make sense in svg, so yeah

seems like safari and firefox dont really handle svg's with calc. but you dont really need this for svgs since they are already scaled

the question rly is, why are you using this with an animation.

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