Perspective Wi-Fi Access

I got a new project going last week. I thought if they got on the WiFi with their phones they would be able to get to the server. But neither with the server name or the IP the perspective project would load on IPhone with Safari or Chrome. I also noticed that if I typed in the IP it resolved to the server name...?

Any idea's?

It is more likely a network issue internal to your organization than it is an issue with Ignition. It is common for an organization to have different security settings for a common WiFi network (which is where the cell phones are normally connected to if they are on WiFi) compared to the rest of the network where access is more highly regulated.

  • Can you access the app from your computer on WiFi?
  • Is your computer on the same WiFi network as the phone while doing so?
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Just to clarify an important step here:

  • Can you access the app from your computer on WiFi?

Can you access the Gateway/project from a computer on which the gateway does not reside while on WiFi? Attempts to reach the Gateway from the same machine the Gateway resides on don't end up traversing your network as the address is a local address.