Perspective Wifi LAN - Host Invalid General advices

I know there’s a lot of information about this but I must be missing something. I want to make sure that my problem is regarding my router.

I’m using the perspective app from app store v 0.93 and Ignition 8.0.8 and I want to reach the gateway from my mobile device.

In my LAN network
-My router is using model HG8245H, with port forwarding 8088 enable

-My gateway is runing in a W10 PC on static IP. I’ve disabled the firewall and even add a port 8088 into firewall configurations. I also tried turning off antivurus and firewall.

-iOS 13.3.1 iPhoneX device with static IP
On the perspective app I’m trying to add the gateway in this way:
Is that the correct typing to add a gateway?

Even my PC has some reply from my mobile device

What am I missing? please some help!!

I don’t know what the problem is, but your pinhole rule is not applicable. Traffic from to doesn’t go through the router’s NAT, since they are in the same subnet. However, many newer combo wired/wireless routers set up WiFi/LAN isolation by default. That allows “guests” in a household to access the internet, but not interfere with anything else in the house. Look for such a feature in the router’s firmware.

You almost certainly don’t want a NAT pinhole, especially without SSL.

I consider this and I made a bridge connection from my Wifi card to my Ethernet card like:

In “Puente de red”

So my problem must be with my router right??? something is security or firewall, because I disabled the firewall in the router and everything, but nothing happens.

Thanks about SSL advice, but I don’t see how port 8043 would make a difference.

Sir what you mean by Pinhole? I’m not to used to english terms

It is the common name for a firewall rule that performs Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) inwards from a WAN to a LAN. An external client connection to the router public address and a specific port has its destination address munged to the private address of the rule target as the packets travel into the LAN.

Generic NAT is more properly known as Source Network Address Translation, outwards from LAN to WAN. An internal client connection to an address on the WAN side has the LAN source address munged to the routers WAN address on the way out so replies are routeable. This requires the router to maintain a state table so replies can be forwarded to the correct internal client.

Source NAT outbound is generally not port-specific (though it can be)–any port numbers may be used–so is conceptually a “wide-open window” view out to the world. Destination NAT inbound is almost always port-specific (though there are 1:1 NAT applications), so is conceptually a “tiny pinhole” view into the local network.

The problem was in the firmware version installed on a modem of my ISP. I just updated the firmware and it was solved

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