Perspective wish list feature request

Hi everyone
I create this post so every one that wish any new features in perspective add them here.
I personally really want following items.

  1. Undo function is really limit and not working for moving component and deleting element in PROPS
  2. Alignment tools for component
  3. CSS animation for rotation,scaling & moving of shape and component
  4. Drawing tools for vector object
  5. selecting element of an svg shape or symbol graphic object by mouse click and add
    grouping feature like vision. Right now I should select element in PROPS without
    any indication of which part of the shape I select.
    very randomly and time consuming to select desire part.
  6. Report and SFC component
  7. access browser zoom level so can bind its value to visibility of component to create
    cluttering/decluttering effect. May be adding new part of container with zoom capability is
    much better for this effect.
  8. A component to import ready made HTML5/JS/CCS object into perspective and access its
    properties in perspective. It’s the same concept like printable canvas.
  9. Grouping of component & shape and access item inside group
  10. Copy and Paste vector shape to perspective from vision. I draw many shape for my project in vision as these shape cant be export to out side of ignition it’s good to be able to use them in perspective by Copy & paste.
  11. bar and circular gauge indicator component
  12. circular slider component
  13. Enable to write Java script in perceptive for script that run on client side. For achieving high performance graphical effect, js scripting that run in web engine is good approach.


For me it would be interesting that perspective could load a “.dwg” file.


Dwg is very useful for signle line diagram pages.
Right now comapre to vision graphic and feature, perspective is very disappointing. You can’t even draw basic shape.

I will say many of these are things I’ve seen mentioned and are already in feature requests or have been commented on if they are possible.

I will say number 11 is possible already. You have the progress bar(which needs some work) and the simple gauge. The gauge works really well as a progress indicator and I have made some useful indicator views to reuse in the future already.

How do you turn simple gauge to vertical or horizontal bar?

Simple Gauge would be an option for a circular gauge component. The progress bar would have to be the vertical or horizontal option. Unfortunately that one needs some work still such as color options and a few other complaints.

Perspective clients are a mix of HTML5/CSS for text and UI elements like buttons etc and Canvas/SVG components for vector graphics. Vision is built on a seamless background of swing UI components and pixel graphics. It was easier to mix and match the two in Vision, where as perspective has to embed canvas object in HTML page for vector graphics. However Perspective approach has many advantages like plugin free browser based environment/ platform independence/mobile compatibility/ Rich Internet Application experience/ ease of development etc. Trying to achieve same features as Vision in Perspective will be like force fitting things. Let Perspective provide new features and functionalities without losing the best features of Vision and bring best of both worlds!


Thanks for your info.
Do you think of a way to make a convas component in perspective so people can create their own component in Java script and html5?
Is this idea possible in perspective?
I see many SCADA software that use this idea.
Make JavaScript enable in client side has huge benefit

Of course i am not an expert in Perspective just a gut feeling that it will definitely support the graphical features of canvas and SVG support of modern browsers. However the Perspective is built on REACT which works on virtual DOM so I don’t know how REACT supports native DOM features internally, Ignition experts may be able to comment on it better.

If Perspective was built on pure DOM it would have been easier to add our own canvas components easily using JS. (BTW I am trying to enhance ARSCADA to also support 2D graphics to build P&I diagrams etc which will allow users to add their own components as well, but it will work of subset of data base system by system).

Please ctrl+mouse scroll to zoom in & out in designer.

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As has been mentioned, some of these items are already on the roadmap. Specifically: 1, 2, 3, 4 (and 5 may come with 4) are planned for future releases. Don’t have any estimate as to when.

  1. Not sure status of components targeting these specific modules, but in general, component development is going to be something we are working on for the foreseeable future and changes will definitely be included in changelogs.

  2. Unless things have changed relatively recently, this is beyond our ability to implement as there is no public browser zoom api. Each browser handles zooming differently and may selectively zoom elements according to what it things is ideal, which makes even calculation-based hacks unreliable. Doing so within the iOs/Android app may be feasible, we’ll have to look at it. Supporting mousewheel zoom that @chris.roys mentioned is something we can probably do.

  3. We expect the component/resource api to evolve, so adding arbitrary web resources might come in the future, but as of right now this is not planned.

  4. Component selection/grouping/positioning/editing are all things we want to be better and will continue to see improvement.

  5. This is something we’ll have to look at more as part of the drawing/shape tools.

  6. Not currently planned for implementation, but not out of question

  7. Again not planned, but if the demand is there it could make it to the component set after higher priority needs are accounted for.

  8. no plans for this right now, but movement/animations/transforms are things that are definitely on the roadmap

Seems like a reasonable request, added a feature request ticket for it.

Thanks for your answer.
Regards cluttering and decluttering feature, as you mention it should not be possible but many SCADA vendor out there that implement it on pure HTML5 like wonderware, web factory and flowchief.
There is a huge part of the market that need this feature specially large power utility.
Even in vision big integrator make it’s own module to add this functionality. I really hope this goes in your top list.
Meanwhile it will be nice to make some videos regard using ccs to make animation in current state of perspective.

I think I misunderstood your request. The idea of a ‘zoom-like’ feature that hides/reveals things depending on zoom is definitely something we’re interested in bringing in a future update. This sort of thing already exists in components like the Map, but it doesn’t occur via browser zooming in the same sense I was originally thinking (as in, Ctrl +/Ctrl - zooming in Chrome).

I am not too familiar with features you mention from competitors (don’t see their products often, and haven’t used them myself), but my guess is that they aren’t using the native browser zoom to accomplish it either.

That type of container is definitely on the drawing board.

Sorry if I misunderstood!

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Yes, for example in vision we use a module which is container and do cluttering. Also in PC using chrome with mouse, cause browser zoom doesn’t work.(only touch screen zoom work) So implementing independent zoom in and out by using special container is the solution here.
For the reference and get better idea please take a look at following link. This level of implementation is totally enough for everyone I think.

14 - Add touch gesture like pan & zoom to xy chart. Also the pan feature with mouse.

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15 - embedded fonts for client access

RE zoom visibility: I think in addition to this point, the ability to put objects on different layers would also be a nice feature to have.

Its easier to build all these features thru configurable properties or features in the components, what is difficult is to build an interactive GUI tool to configure these properties on a designer screen and build a lot of input validation checks so that its fool proof such that no user can enter wrong data inputs and crash the system!

If we allow user to configure the components properties or parameters of the display thru an XML or JSON text editor, then the run time can just render any complex screen configuration! e.g. just to change a text property such as font, italic, bold etc , user can easily change a font property in an XML or json file, where as if you want to achieve this thru a graphic editor tool, then we have to provide a popup for font selection, its it alignment, boldness etc etc. Similarly a graphic property such as line style, thickness, color is just a number in the XML or json, where as in designer its a massive amount of code to offer a user selection from style picker, thickness picker, color picker etc.

We end up developing a CAD like tool just to design a simple HMI screen! The user expectations from the tool are matching those seen in regular CAD tools like Auto CAD etc! So its a trade off between cost&time and effort.

Point taken, and I agree that it’s too much to expect a SCADA designer with full CAD or graphic editor capabilities (although, it would be nice :wink: ), however Nader has already shown 1 example of another SCADA system where layers and layer zoom visibility are included. One other example that I’ve used before is ClearSCADA, so I don’t think that these features are unreasonable requests.

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