Perspective Workstation Close Windows

Is there a way to close a window without closing the entire application when using Perspective Workstation in Window mode?

I have multiple screens and use window mode so users can move windows around to other screens and be able to minimize/close windows but closing 1 window closes the entire session.

Also, tried to open new windows from a Workstation session and that doesn't work so I can't open new windows and have to use the page configuration in the Workstation launcher.

Hi Jacob,
What exactly do you mean by windows? Are you referring to multiple Perspective Workstation windows or multiple windows/popups within your Perspective session? If it is the latter, it is possible to close popup windows within a session without having it close the entire session.

When you launch a session via Workstation in Windowed mode, you can launch multiple windows on each screen you have. If you close any of those windows, it closes the entire application, not just that window on that screen.