Perspective Workstation Disable Version Update Available Message

Is it possible to disable the Perspective Workstation “Version Upgrade Available” message or to at least add a timer such that “Remind Me Later” is automatically selected after a short period?

My client has a special IT packaged version of windows used in the plant that does not get frequent updates. We are considering using these as perspective workstations to drive marquees above the factory floor. It is likely that the version of Ignition will be upgraded more frequently than the “special IT packaged version of windows” but we cannot have these marquees get stuck at the message every time they reboot.

I think Workstation has a similar config file as mentioned here: Vision Client Launcher: Update Dialog - Disable - #3 by Kevin.Herron

And, if anyone needs to know, this setting survived an upgrade from 8.1.15 to 8.1.17.