Perspective Workstation - Failure to Launch

I’m trying to use Perspective Workstation on a managed thin client. The Workstation application works fine, but when I try to launch a Perspective I get this error:

Please help!

What OS is this? Can you copy-paste the full logs here?

We are using Igel OS, which looks to be Mainline Linux.

I’ve attached the full log after a clear and reboot.
Perspective Workstation Error Log.txt (33.3 KB)

I don’t know much about iGel, but the system requirements are published in our docs (links to JXBrowser, the embedded browser library we use)

So, that’s not a tested platform for us, but you might still be able to get things working.
Based on com.teamdev.jxbrowser.engine.ChromiumBinariesExtractionException: Failed to verify the extracted Chromium binaries. - does the user running the workstation process have ownership over chromiumDir: /userhome/.ignition/cache/resources/jxbrowser/7.12.1 and userDataDir:/userhome/.ignition/clientlauncher-data/workstationUserData/10?

I see ownership of the …/7.12.1 folder, but I do not see the second path (…/workstationUserData/10). The only thing I have in clientlauncher-data is:
certificates directory

All of the above are owned by user.

Thanks Jonathon. Per the requirements, it looks like we are missing JDKFX… working with the vendor to package that into our OS build and I will update after that. I made the assumption that all the Java stuff was bundled in Workstation.

It should be, I don’t think that’s your issue.

Launching with -Djxbrowser.logging.level=ALL might help…

It seems we were missing some prerequisites in the OS; including Chrome with the download package fixed it (whereas Chromium did not). I don’t have any more details on what specifically was changed by installing Chrome that made it work, but it consistently installs and runs now.

Thats unfortunate, If you happen to determine what the difference here was I would love to pass it on to the jxbrowser devs to get it addressed/fixed.