Perspective Workstation multiple tabs


I know it's come up before, but I can't seem to find a answer. Is there any plan to have perspective workstation able to have multiple tabs open? Its a very common request from my users. We have redundant ignition servers, so we were trying to stick with the workstation app for potential failover, but the lack of tabs might be the final nail. Otherwise, we have to go with working with the network load balancers and see if we can duplicate the failover feature when using a browser.

What do you mean multiple tabs?

You should be able to open multiple windows 'in window' and spread across multiple displays.

Otherwise, you could develop the pages to all be embedded views in a tab container.

Tabs, like in a browser. Yes, we can do multiple displays but for our larger central displays the operators would like to be able to have tabs open that they can just click back and forth rather than going through the menus.