Perspective Workstation on Pi

Hello, I have some applications in the field where we are using a Raspberry Pi and could further leverage Ignition. I would like to install the Perspective Workstation on the Pi. So far, using the Linux version I haven't had any success.
I can find where it has been talked about, and of course I could just open a session in the browser, but I haven't found that anyone has successfully installed it on a Pi. To keep consistency and making it as intuitive as possible for the end user, I would like to use the workstation.
Anyone out there with some tips or tricks?

No such luck.

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Strange how that is worded. They offer a download for a Linux Perspective workstation, but based on that snipit of language, not even it will work.
Perspective Workstation - Linux 64-bit tar (140.3 MB)

I've tried, not very hard though, to get perspective workstations to run on RPi. I don't think there are any workarounds for this yet. For now I use the chromium browser in fullscreen or kiosk mode using this bash script

chromium-browser --start-fullscreen <projectUrl>

More info on workstation on RPI here PerspectiveWorkstation on Headless Raspberry PI - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

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That's what I'm planning to do for now. That's one of the same threads I found before posting, its nice to see its being talked about. Thanks!

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I don't understand what you mean by that. x86-64 and ARM are orthogonal to Windows/MacOS/Linux.
The overlap is something like:

ARM x64
Windows Works [1] Supported
MacOS Works [2] Supported
Linux Unsupported Supported
  • [1] I'm pretty sure, anyways. I don't know how much testing we do around this, to be honest.
  • [2] Our current JxBrowser version is using Rosetta, and it's got a lot of issues, but it does conceptually work, at least.