Perspective Workstation ships old Chrome version

We're using the Perspective Workstation as client application. However, we have issues with rendering of menus in the Perspective Workstation. They render fine in Chrome 113.

I dug into Perspective Workstation, and it seems that it ships chrome 84:

Would it be possible to have a Perspective Workstation to more closely follow Chrome releases? The upstream jxBrowser seems to follow Chromium releases fairly closely.

jxBrowser has been held back for QA issues for several (many?) months of releases. Supposedly solved recently, so keep an eye on the nightlies.

Unfortunately it’s still partially unsolved, and the upcoming release updates JXBrowser in the Designer and WebBrowser component but not in Workstation.

Ok, is there any time frame for this?

Right now it looks like the version of JXBrowser we landed on for the other components breaks on-screen keyboard functionality in Workstation. I think they're planning to start working backwards from the newer version to see if they can find one that works for now.

Other than that, no timeline. Might be a matter of waiting for a fix in JXBrowser to get a newer version.

Would it be possible to get access to such a build so we can check if it solves some of the issues we are seeing?

There is no such build right now, but it would be available in the nightly releases once that team has picked up this work.