Perspective Workstation Transform Translate/Scale Glitch

There appears to be some kind of anomaly when doing a transform in Perspective Workstation. You can see in the Workstation gif, right before zooming out that whole view goes white for a fraction of a second before completing the animation. You can also see that the zoom control window on the top left disappears despite not being attached to the view being translated.

Ran in Microsoft Edge/Chrome/Firefox:

Ran in Perspective Workstation:

What did you use to draw everything with?
Are most of those things svgs or just (div)containers?

All objects in this view are embedded views with a SVG object inside for maintainability.

Hm im not sure what you actually mean by this but ahwelh, its not that imporant xd

Now for the disappearing zoom control i think you will to use the chrome inspector to see why it disappears at max zoom. Maybe something turns in invisible or it accidently gets pushed to the side.
Use ctrl+shift+c to select it in the inspector and then zoom in and see what changes in the css.

For turning white i guess it might be because of the number of elements, but you could show me the animation code

I created views to use as templates for common objects (conveyors, devices, navigation buttons), the actual object inside these “template views” are drawn outside Ignition and imported as an SVG. Then in a “none-template view” the templates are referenced as embedded views. This gives me the ability in the Perspective module to update the template and have those changes propagate across my project, similar to how a regular template in the Vision module would work.

I do not have any issues in Chrome or any other regular browser, my problem is with Perspective Workstation, and as far as I know there is no way to inspect in workstation.

There is a planned update for Perspective Workstation which will bring the bundled version of chromium up to 91 which will likely fix this issue since this appears to be an issue in chromium. Ill add this thread to the ticket so we can pop in here and notify you when it makes it into a nightly. Once there, you could spot check the issue and see if its resolved.

In the meantime you should be able to open chrome on the system running workstation and navigate to localhost:9224 for remote debugging.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

Thanks for the reply. I know you probably get this question all the time, but is there a rough ETA for the update? Should I expect it in the near future or this a more distant update? Just trying to plan around it.

Its not usually a trivial update and requires a lot of acceptance testing so i can’t give an ETA, but it is high on our priority list.

Understood, thanks.

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In case this helps anyone, the issue has to do with the z-index for the different views getting out of order. Not sure how to reconcile this and will continue to wait for the chromium update. Another note is the Map component on the workstation pans a lot more smoothly when there a lot of objects on the screen compared to any browser, not sure why.

Edited for better solution:

Fixed by changing the transform from 2D to 3D w/ transform: translate3d(…) and by adding will-change: transform on the zoom out.

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