Perspective XY Chart As Bar chart as like Vision

Hello All, Good Day,
I would like to know is there any possibilities like appending a dataset to datasources of XY chart through scripting Though i tried the same in vision it works fine but its not working in perspective, Below are my XY Chart properties

I don't know where i was missing the steps to do can anyone guide me on the same,
Thanks in Advance..!

This seems to be what you are searching for:

Thanks @justinedwards.jle
Actually i want to know about how to create the relationship between those datasets to series field and i was stuck in that point could you help me in this part?

Are wanting to add another dataset to an existing dataset in your data property, or are you looking to bind the data property to a data source in order to produce a dataset?

No Just added a dataset to the example datasource and configured the series fields as follow

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