Perspective: XY Chart Date Range Not Working


I’n currently having trouble getting the range on my XY chart to work, i have some historical data coming in with unknown start and end dates. i want to use the XY chart range to display specific date ranges - however the range doesnt seem to do anything. My x-axis setup is:

my timestamp format is shown below:

not sure if my time format is correct, ive tried multiple different formats but no luck:

attached is the XY chart json file. xyChart.json (4.6 KB)

Were you able to find a solution to this? I am running into a similar problem. I’m trying to use a date range picker to “zoom” in on data by binding the start/end of the picker to the min/max on the x-axis range property. But no matter what I do, changing the range min/max has no impact on the XYChart.

Unfortunately not, i had to filter the incoming data which was not ideal. Hopefully someone can help on this issue ??

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Same issue here, any fix on your side?

Actually found a fix. The chart gives an error in the property editor, but the display works. You simply need to use milliseconds “toMillis(yourDate)” directly. The property editor expect a string and not a number, but for some reason, only the number works.

Where do you put the ToMillis? I’m having this same issue. SQL query for a dataset on example. Timestamp is not good for the x axis.

In my case, the value must be an integer to work.

My value was a date, so I added a Transform in my binding to convert the date to an integer.

Thanks so much, were you using a SQL Query for your dataset as well?

Yes and no, Historical data in a custom property, then a script that merge it with the result from a named query.

Great, thanks so much. I’ll give it a whirl. We attempted to modify the SQL Database output, but it still would not work with our chart. Outputting an INT in an attempt to provide ms. Not sure if our config was right for our XY Chart

Just wanted to say that as of today and using v8.1.20, this is still an issue and it is getting really annoying. The chart won't obey your min and max values unless they are presented as integers (specifically, as a time in millisesconds), but the designer insists you have an error because the value is not a string. So you've either got to get used to seeing the "error" in the designer, or else give up having a min/max range in your chart.