Perspective xy chart delay and refresh

I have a xy chart with about 20 tag history dataset in datasources and about 20 of series. I have date-picker to pick the time for my graph. However, with my perspective session, I found it is very slow after I select the time from the datetime input, both the graph and the datatime input component are slow. Sometimes I have to refresh the page to have the correct graph.

I am wondering if anything can reduce the slowness?
If I want to do the refresh to the xy chart after I select the date time, what component/property should I refresh? and how should I do that? thanks

I have just come to the forum to check if there is a known issue with the XY chart in Perspective. It runs fine in Designer, but when running on the browser, the chart initially takes about 20 seconds to load. If I change the datasource via a radio button, it takes around 8 seconds each time to repaint. This is using the xychart out of the box.