Perspective XY chart edit datasource/series


I tested new time series charts in 8.0.3, but right now I’m not going to use it.

Instead I have a series with values being timestamp and seconds since a machine is on, and would like to graph those seconds on the y axis and format them as HH:mm:ss . So on the yAxes object I set the render as date and the inputFormat as “M/d/yyyy HH:mm:ss”, but obviously being the data seconds and not milliseconds, I see very very small values on the Y axis.

So what I think I need is to multiply the column “seconds” of the dataset by 1000, then the graph should be populated correctly. I don’t want to edit the tag on change because I also need the real value of the seconds in other tabs of the project.

Any suggestions?

Thank you
Giorgio has some info that you may wish to consider before release. It seems that the folks at Inductive Automation / Ignition software have made a number of improvements in the Vision XY Chart, yet Perspective is another story when it comes to printing the result.
Then there is ( drumroll ) Policies suggested then e-mail (priority possible) or call if policy and account status indicate.

Hi Giorgio,

You could run your dataset through a transform script within the chart. Iterate through and multiply the ‘seconds’ by 1000. It would keep the original data intact for use elsewhere.

Hi Jordan,

sincerely I don’t have any knowledge in python, if possible could you please make an example of the function/script you would use?

Really thank you